So now, it seems, it ends :
no more mountains to climb,
no long, hard journeys
to make,
the last stroke of paint
has dried
and letters unwritten
must remain unwritten –
a natural conclusion
nurtured in the cradle
of our association.

Do not cry for me
now or ever
for I am where I was
when our paths ran together
and thoughts were shared :
in youth,
when all was possible,
and even those who tried
could not stop us,
or in mid-life,
when crises came and went
into old age
and preparation
for this moment
which had to come...

Do not grieve for me
or for yourself :
our humanity,
our love,
the thing that makes us
more than beasts,
helps us to pass through death
as well as life.
In your thoughts
I will be there
and in mine
you will always be here.

Nothing separates us
except time
and that is merely
a whisper
in the universe
we made together.

Brian Watson
10th August 2007

J’imagine des mots

Pour toi

Dans le silence

Mais personne, plus personne ne répond

Alors je te parle en silence

L’instant fait de bonheur ne doit jamais finir

On le sait éphèmère, on ne veut pas qu’il meure

La mémoire l’accueille, il devient souvenir

Le présent ne fuit pas quand le passé demeure

Henri Weitzmann